Brian Wilson to Scrap Next Album

BEL AIR, CA - In the afterglow of the success of ‘Smile’, 37 years after he began recording it, ex-Beach Boy Brian Wilson has set to work on his next CD which he’ll abandon and then re-record 37 years from now.

“It seemed to work well (in the case of ‘Smile’),” said the songwriter, “and like my dad said, you can’t beat a winning formula.” Wilson recently arranged to have a Chuck E. Cheese Pizza-Time Theater constructed around his piano for songwriting inspiration. Lyricist Van Dyke Parks is back on board for the project - tentatively titled ‘Jape’ - and he and Wilson plan to build a tent in their living room, smoke hash and write oblique, intricately-metered lyrics which will confound and antagonize his band mates.

All session tapes will then be buried deep in a locked vault at Capitol Records and after the CD booklets are printed, they will be immediately destroyed. Certain songs may appear on future albums and a different version will become available on the black market years before he gets to re-record it with a new, even younger band in time for Christmas 2051.