Tara Reid To Direct Feature

HOLLYWOOD, CA - ‘American Pie’ party girl-supreme Tara Reid is making the leap from the front of the camera all the way towards the back of the camera, having been slated to helm ‘Teen People’s Van Wilder 2′ in 2005.

National Lampoon, the former humor magazine that lent its comedy brand name to the original frat-house laffer, has decided not to “make the same mistake twice” leaving its name off this latest raunchy outing. Teen People outbid both Ranger Rick Magazine and Highlights For Children to have their name above the title which is planned to hit DVD retailers in time for Easter.

None of the original cast has been signed-on to reprise their roles, as no one can remember who was actually in the original cast.

“The key to directing,” said the often-inebriated ‘Body Shots’ star, “is getting it all in the master shot and minimizing the risk of post-production surgical mishaps. You can really botch the aesthetic continuity, and everybody’ll be horrified by the result.”