Searching For Blue Collar Comedy in The Muslim World

HOLLYWOOD - The sudden cancellation of the groundbreaking sketch show “Blue Collar Comedy” has rocked the comedy world located south of the Mason/Dixon line and elsewhere.

According to Jeff Foxworthy’s agent, Jordon Rosenfeld, “If the material isn’t as good as required and no one watches your show, you might be cancelled.”

This doesn’t mean however that Foxworthy, Larry “The Cable Guy” and Bill “They Call Me Tater Salad” White will have to find actual blue collar jobs to support their economy-sized Costco brand scotch habits though. As per usual, the US Government has stepped in to save the day.

Sometime in the coming months, the down-home good ol’ buy yucksters will be travelling the Pakistan and India, on the taxpayer’s dime, to find out what makes Muslims laugh.

“I just hope they’re as patriarchal and sexist as we are.” says White, “and they like jokes about drinking and fat chicks as much as we do.”

At first the Blue Collar boys were worried about travelling to Iraq.

“I don’t mind if they send kids over there,” said Larry The Cable Guy, “but I’m an important artist. America can’t afford for me to be blowed up.”

This was the reason the send the trio to India instead of Iraq. They wont be in harms way and their main job will be to draft a 500-page report on the comic tastes of Muslims.

“Being from the south,” said Rosenfeld, “it though it would be difficult for the boys to put a sentence together. But I’ve since learned that those are stereotypes and we don’t deal in stereotypes here at the Rosenfeld Agency.”
“Git er done, ” added Larry.

Foxworthy is already at work on specially crafted material such as, “If you got a NASCAR logo on your kufi, you might be a Muslim redneck.”

White hasn’t written any new jokes but is certain he’ll win over the entire poplation of Pakistan with his saucy wit. “They’ll be calling me Tater Hummus or whatever.”