Due to the Clown Shortage in the US, a Father Pushes His Son to Become a Clown!

CLOWN’S IN THE CRADLE by Adam Campbell-Schmitt and Sean Tierney

Starring Matt Moore (Son), Stacy Rumaker (Mom) and Phillip Wilburn (Anchor)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Kids Fight Over His Estate!

MLK IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH by Derek Jeremiah Reid

Starring Derek Reid (Martin Luther King III), Markeia McCarty (Bernice King) and Bennie Arthur (Lawyer)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Tron Explains Net Neutrality!

TS!W 720: NET NEUTRALITY by Sean Tierney

Starring Matt Moore (Tron) and Phillip Wilburn (Anchor)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Leads to More Photoshoots in Space with Zero Gravity!

MODEL ROCKET by Andrew Payne

Starring Bennie Arthur (Hank), Brian Vestal (Chuck), Phillip Wilburn (Houston), Kipleigh Brown (Daisy), Markeia McCarty (Tara) and Derek Reid (Anton)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Chevron Makes It Up to Fracking Victims with Free Pizza!

CHEV-WRONG by Kat Lenhart

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Wolf Blitzer), Brian Vestal (Ken) and Jimmy Guidish (Bill)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

With the Sochi Olympics Over, Pussy Riot Plays a Wedding!

WEDDING RIOT by Kat Lenhart

Starring Jimmy Guidish (Frank), Kipleigh Brown (Yekaterina Samutsevich), Stacy Rumaker (Maria Alyokhina) and Markeia McCarty (Nadezhda Tolokonnikova)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Only One Man Can Save the U.S. Figure Skating Team from Russian Thugs: Johnny Weir!


Starring Matt Moore (Johnny Weir), Kipleigh Brown (Mary), Brian Vestal (Darren), Jimmy Guidish (Vlad) and Derek Reid (Mikhail)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, February 23, 2014!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Anchor), Stacy Rumaker (Anchor), Bennie Arthur (The Guy Who’s Always on Tinder), Brian Vestal (Marcus Bachmann), Jimmy Guidish (Kate Upton Fan), Derek Reid (Jesus) and Markeia McCarty (Cat Owner)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

The Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending February 23, 2014!

The governor of Colorado has released a plan to spend 99 million dollars in tax revenue from legal sales of marijuana. The plan: 99 million dollars worth of Funyuns.

Philly cheesesteak Hot Pockets are being recalled due to beef that is not fit for human consumption. Consumers were surprised to learn that Hot Pockets are supposed to be fit for human consumption.

Michele Bachmann says that that Americans aren’t ready for a female president. Just like her husband Marcus isn’t ready for a female spouse.

At the Sochi Olympics, Curlers Have Groupies!

CURL GIRLS by Jessica Guerra and Stacy Rumaker

Starring Grasie Mercedes (Mary Cooper), Julia Wackenheim (Pam), Jen Cain (Kathy), Tammie Smalls (Ernestine), Mitchel Baldwin (Curler #1) and Blake Walker (Curler #2)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer