The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, January 17, 2016!

On Monday, The White House joined social media app Snapchat. Republicans are enjoying the app because after just 10 seconds, Obama disappears.

Donald Trump has received an endorsement from a white supremacist group. That group – The Republican Party.

Kim Davis attended Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. She wanted to make sure it didn’t involve the union of two men.

The Al Jazeera Network has announced that they’re shutting down their American affiliate. Which includes their popular morning talk show, “The View… Through a Burqa”.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court struck down part of Florida’s death penalty law. So now the prisoners will sit around and slowly wait for death, just like everyone else in Florida.

At a press conference on Friday, Lindsey Graham revealed he is endorsing Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination. Which brings Bush’s chances of getting the nomination up to still 0%.

A Russian official stole the concrete from 31 miles of road. He was hoping to use it to build a road out of Russia.

Rupert Murdoch is engaged to Mick Jagger’s ex Jerry Hall. Jerry fell in love with Rupert because she was inspired by Mick’s song, ″Sympathy for the Devil″.

Jimmy Fallon will bring “The Tonight Show” back to Los Angeles in February. To prepare, L.A. bars are tripling their liquor orders.

CBS President Glenn Geller spoke to the Television Critics Association Tuesday about the network’s plans for diversity. He said that the network hopes to diversify its audience to include viewers under 70.

The Spice Girls will reunite for a 20th anniversary tour, but without Posh Spice. Posh Spice explained the others kept zig-a-zig-ah-ing while she was zag-a-zag-ah-ing.

The CW aired a special commemorating the 20th anniversary of ″Mad TV″. In order to show all of the series’ greatest moments, the special lasted for eight minutes.

In the new HBO series “Vinyl”, Ray Romano has a nude group sex scene. So here’s your chance to really see everybody love Raymond.

David Bowie passed away last Sunday at age 69. However, even Bowie would probably agree that ″The Martian″ winning the Golden Globe as a comedy is the real ″Space Oddity″.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is among the top nominees for this year’s “Razzie Awards” for the worst films of the year. The cast says that getting the Razzie nominations were really painful. . . and therefore felt really great!

Rush Limbaugh turned 65 on Tuesday. He celebrated by blowing out all the candles on his birthday oxycontin.

Justin Bieber’s song ″Sorry″ is now the number one song in the country. Which means this surpasses the death of David Bowie as this week’s saddest moment in music.

According to a new study, the best way to treat back pain is with regular exercise. Upon hearing the results, most Americans decided to live with back pain.

The NFL announced that The St. Louis Rams are moving to Los Angeles. But they’ll go back to St. Louis in a couple years after it turns out LA isn’t what they dreamed it would be.

The University of Phoenix, the largest online university,
is for sale due to low enrollment. So now students have to find somewhere else if they want to earn a degree while also watching porn.

A British newspaper has installed devices to tell whether their reporters were at their desks or not. The device is called “Facebook”.

A new study says 60% of women in tech have been sexually harassed. And if they want that number increased, they should take classes at an improv theater.

And finally, tomorrow is the holiday honoring Rev. Martin Luther King. Or as the Motion Picture Academy calls it, Monday.

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