A Goose Discusses California’s Lifting of the Ban on Foie Gras!!

TS!W 720: NO MORE FOIE GRAS BAN by Andrew Payne

Starring Brent Pope (Goose) and Phillip Wilburn (Phillip)

Directed by Paul Straw

A Woman Who Chose Her Death Date Finds Out She’s Not Going to Die!

I WISH I WERE DEAD by Andrew Payne

Starring Jen Cain (Sarah), Ryan Pratton (Brett), Phillip Wilburn (Dr. Miller), Kipleigh Brown (Jeannie) and Bennie Arthur (Officer Smith)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Is Taylor Swift Modeling More on Mia Farrow Than Just a People Magazine Cover?

TAYLOR AND MIA by Andrew Payne

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Mia Farrow), Jen Cain (Taylor Swift) and Ryan Pratton (John Mayer)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is So Successful That Other Challenges Cure Other Diseases!

ICE BUCKET LIST by Andrew Payne

Starring Stacy Rumaker (Tina), Mitchel Baldwin (Bob), Matthew Harris (Jack), Zach Zucker (Carl), Ashleigh Hairston (Beth) and Bennie Arthur (”Drunk History”’s Bennie Arthur)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Chris Hemsworth Sneaks In To Audition As the Female Thor!

A WHOLE NEW THOR by Andrew Payne

Starring John Druska (Sam), Leo Margul (Bob), Jimmy Guidish (Chris Hemsworth) and Kipleigh Brown (Kate Hudson)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

A Comcast Customer Service Representative Works at 911!

911 SERVICE by Andrew Payne

Starring Leo Margul (Pete), Phillip Wilburn (Gene), Kipleigh Brown (Sara), Mitchel Baldwin (Jack), Zach Zucker (Criminal) and Michael Hughes (Bill)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Queen Elizabeth Visits The “Game of Thrones” Set!

QUEEN OF THRONES by Andrew Payne

Starring Corey Podell (Queen Elizabeth), Tammie Smalls (Carrie), Mitchel Baldwin (Kit Harrington), Blake Walker (Peter Dinklage), Sean Cowhig (Nikolaj Castor-Waldau) and Kipleigh Brown (Gwen Christie)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Barack Obama Gets Advice on Iraq from Experts: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney!

THE IRAQ PROBLEM by Andrew Payne

Starring Derek Reid (Barack Obama), Kipleigh Brown (Aide), Phillip Wilburn (George W. Bush) and Jimmy Guidish (Dick Cheney)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

When Republicans Won’t Raise the Minimum Wage, Parents Have to Sell Their Children To Maintain Their Lavish Lifestyle!

MINIMUM SELL by Andrew Payne

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Paul), Kipleigh Brown (Sara), Colin Contreary (Alex), Eileen Mary O’Connell (Gina) and Mitchel Baldwin (Ryan)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Oscar Pistorius Can’t Figure Out When to Cry to Make It Seem Like He Cares About Killing His Girlfriend!

GIVE HIM AN OSCAR by Andrew Payne

Starring Brian Vestal (Oscar Pistorius), Josh Rachford (Barry Roux), Phillip Wilburn (Gerrie Nel) and Markeia McCarthy (Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa)

Directed by Michael Hughes