The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, August 3, 2014!


Starring Jen Cain (Anchor), Eileen Mary O’Connell (Anchor), Brian Vestal (Jim Parsons), Troy Holden (Cheesecake Factory Spokesperson), Ryan Pratton (Steven Bauer), Zach Zucker (Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino) and Brent Pope (Police Officer Who Arrested Spider-Man)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Kim Jong Un Tries To Get Rid Of Embarrassing Internet Videos - Even If They’re Fake!

KIM JONG UN-TERNET by Ray Stakenas

Starring Brent Pope (Kim Jong Un), Stacy Rumaker (Advisor #1), Phillip Wilburn (Advisor #2) and Eileen Mary O’Connell (Advisor #3)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

A Report from A Correspondent from Top Story! Weekly Moscow!

TS!W 720: MOSCOW CORRESPONDENT by Michelle Garcia

Starring Brent Pope (Yuri Antonoly)and Phillip Wilburn (Phillip)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

New Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald Is Mistaken for Ronald McDonald!

THE MCDONALDS by Alicia Bien

Starring Stacy Rumaker (Patty Murray), Zach Zucker (Robert McDonald), Matt Blitz (Ronald McDonald), Troy Holden (Grimace) and Brent Pope (Hamburglar)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

Husbands Keep Spreadsheets on Their Wives Denying Them Sex - Even During a Bank Robbery!


Starring Zach Zucker (Joey), Kipleigh Brown (Linda), Phillip Wilburn (Frank), Stacy Rumaker (Theresa), Eileen Mary O’Connell (Bank Teller) and Brent Pope (Robber)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

Comic-Con’s Not the Same Now That It’s Not Just True Nerds!

COMIC CONNED by Eileen Mary O’Connell

Starring Zach Zucker (Troy), Brent Pope (Spencer), Kipleigh Brown (Alicia Florrick Cosplayer), Phillip Wilburn (Anderson Cooper Cosplayer), Eileen Mary O’Connell (Grandfather Clock), Stacy Rumaker (GenderBent Richard Nixon) and Troy Holden (TurboTax)

Directed by Sean Cowhig

iO West’s Biggest Fan Herb Koss Celebrates His 80th Birthday!

TS!W 720: HERB KOSS’ 80TH BIRTHDAY by Michael Hughes

Starring Brian Vestal (Herb Koss) and Phillip Wilburn (Phillip)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Increased Temperatures From Global Warming Drive an American Family Crazy!

CRAZY HOT by Greg Shouse

Starring John Abbott (Sam), Kipleigh Brown (Lisa), Stacy Rumaker (Rebecca) James Warfield (Jim) and Brent Pope (Radio Announcer)

Directed by Derek Reid

TS!W’s Brent Pope Has to Play All The Villains in the News!

WORST ACTOR EVER by Derek Jeremiah Reid

Starring Brent Pope (Ariel Castro/George Zimmerman/OJ Simpson/Adolf Hitler), Bennie Arthur (Bennie Arthur) and Jared Nigro (Judge)

Directed by Derek Reid

A German Woman Gives Birth to a 14-Pound Baby!

BIG BABY by Stacy Rumaker

Starring Brent Pope (Baby Jasleen), Stacy Rumaker (Mother Maria), Phillip Wilburn (Father), John Abbott (Doctor) and Kipleigh Brown (Nurse)

Directed by Derek Reid