The Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending August 23, 2015!

While campaigning in Iowa Monday, Marco Rubio threw a football and hit a four-year-old boy on the forehead. It’s the first time Marco Rubio has connected with anyone on the campaign trail.

A teenager who goes by the name Deez Nuts is running for president. His running mate: Heywood Jablome.

NBCUniversal is investing 200 million dollars in BuzzFeed. What happens next will disappoint you!

John McCain Helps the Troops - by Heading to Normandy for the D-Day Anniversary!

D-DAY EXODUS by Ray Stakenas

Starring Phillip Wilburn (John McCain), Matt Blitz (Bernie Sanders) and Matthew Harris (Danny)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Face Off Over the Crimea - “Rocky” Style!


Starring Derek Reid (Barack Obama), Josh Rachford (John Kerry), Phillip Wilburn (John McCain), Markeia McCarthy (Michelle Obama) and Brian Vestal (Vladimir Putin)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending September 29, 2013!

Tonight the last episode of “Breaking Ba–NO SPOILERS!!!!

In a recent interview Meghan McCain claimed that her father, Senator John McCain, was a “badass”. She went on to say, is that her father suffers from some pretty serious bowel issues.

NBC has announced that they will air the 2014 and 2016 Paralympic Games. This is a big change for NBC, as they usually cancel shows before they get their legs.

While John Kerry Testifies on Syria, John McCain Plays Poker on His iPhone!


Starring Phillip Wilburn (John McCain), Kipleigh Brown (Nancy Pelosi) and Michael Hughes (John Kerry)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending August 4, 2013!

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager Danny Kedem has resigned due to his latest sexting scandal. Weiner said there were no hard feelings, and then proved it with his camera phone.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who was accused of sexual harassment, claims he never received mandatory sexual harassment training from the city. But with hard work and perseverance, he managed to learn anyway.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Russia. In other words, he’s receiving his punishment.

Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending May 26, 2013!

Apple CEO Tim Cook was grilled about the company’s taxes by a senate panel that included John McCain. McCain was outraged that anyone would charge hundreds of dollars for a piece of fruit.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said in an interview that he would have graded the Bush Administration with a D minus. When he heard, George W. Bush responded, “Sweet, I passed!”

A new report shows that in the past decade, more Americans have been murdered in Mexico than in any other country. The culprit? Tap water.

Republican Senators Question Hillary Clinton About Benghazi!


Starring Jen Cain (Hillary Clinton), Blake Walker (Rand Paul), Gregg Lopez (Marco Rubio) and Phillip Wilburn (John McCain)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Susan Rice and John McCain Face Off…In Song!

NO DICE, RICE by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Rachel Maddow), Tammie Smalls (Susan Rice) and Phillip Wilburn (John McCain)

Directed by Adam Campbell-Schmitt

Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending June 17, 2012!

In a speech on Wednesday, Mitt Romney said that President Obama’s words are “cheap.” Which is why Romney bought a bunch of Obama’s words, leveraged them with debt, then sold them for a huge profit.

Former president George H.W. Bush started crying during an interview with his granddaughter Jenna. The tears came when Jenna reminded him that his son George W. had also been president.

John McCain’s daughter Meghan has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. Meghan was inspired by all the work her father did to end Prohibition.