Rush Limbaugh Finds Footage of Idris Elba Playing Black James Bond!

NEVER SAY N-WORD AGAIN by Derek Jeremiah Reid

Starring John Abbott (Rush Limbaugh), Derek Reid (Idris Elba), Kipleigh Brown (Thickness Badonkadonk), Markeia McCarty (Dr. Cinnabon Phatbritches), Tommy Bechtold (Honkyfinger) and Joy Regullano (Singer)

Directed by Michael Hughes

“Into the Woods” Gets Disneyfied!

INTO THE DISNEY WOODS by Alicia Bien and Markeia McCarty

Starring John Abbott (Narrator), Markeia McCarty (Little Red Riding Hood), Sean Cowhig (Johnny Depp), Kipleigh Brown (Jessica Rabbit), Joy Regullano (Elsa), Troy Holden (Lightning McQueen), Tommy Bechtold (Baymax) and Adam Fisher (Mickey Mouse)

Directed by Michael Hughes

After Screech Is Arrested For Stabbing a Guy, The “Saved by the Bell Gang” Tries to Free Him!

SAVED BY THE BARS by Calder Holbrook

Starring Troy Holden (Zack Morris), Derek Reid (A.C. Slater), Sean Cowhig (Screech Powers), Markeia McCarty (Lisa Turtle), Joy Regullano (Kelly Kapowski), Kipleigh Brown (Jessie Spano), Tommy Bechtold (Guard) and John Abbott (Mr. Belding)

Directed by Michael Hughes

The DMV is Taken Over by Undocumented Immigrants Getting Their Drivers’ Licenses!

EL DMV by Linda Landeros

Starring Sean Cowhig (Clark), Kipleigh Brown (Mom), Tommy Bechtold (Hot Dog Vendor), John Abbott (Fruit Vendor), Joy Regullano (Flower Vendor), Derek Reid (Day Worker), Markeia McCarty (Hair-Braiding Lady), Troy Holden (Hipster) and Adam Fisher (Hipster)

Directed by Michael Hughes

A Couple Goes to Watch “The Interview” at the Nearest Theater Showing It: A Porn Theater!

FREEDOM OF SPANK by Calder Holbrook

Starring Adam Fisher (Sam), Joy Regullano (Monica), Troy Holden (Escobar Jones), Tommy Bechtold (Sleazeball #1), Sean Cowhig (Sleazeball #2) and John Abbott (Announcer)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Parents Trick Their Child with Netflix’s New Year’s Eve Countdown!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Mom), Tommy Bechtold (Dad) and Adam Fisher (Billy)

Directed by Michael Hughes

The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, January 4, 2015!!


Starring Danny Ricker (Anchor), Kipleigh Brown (Anchor), Derek Reid (Conan the Comedian), John Abbott (Steve Scalise), Troy Holden (California Health Official), Joy Regullano (”Friends” Netflix Binge Watcher), Markeia McCarty (Rutgers University Psychiatry Student), Tommy Bechtold (Dad Upset by Penis-Shaped Play-Doh Toy) and Sean Cowhig (Jim Rome)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Stephanie Drake - Meredith from “Mad Men” - Tells What It Was Like to Kiss Jon Hamm!

TS!W 720: STEPHANIE DRAKE by Michael Hughes

Starring Stephanie Drake (Stephanie), Phillip Wilburn (Phillip), Josh Rachford (Josh), Tommy Bechtold (Tommy) and Bennie Arthur (Supergirl)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

The “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Can Change the Future!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Kelly), Bennie Arthur (Seth), Tommy Bechtold (Kyle Leforge) and Markeia McCarty (Carrie Worf)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

A Sketch About George W. Bush’s Knee Surgery Is Interrupted When @HiddenCash Hits iO West!

BUSH GETS KNEE SURGERY by Alicia Bien, Matt Manser, Phillip Wilburn, Calder Holbrook and Kristina Adelmeyer

Starring Phillip Wilburn (George W. Bush), Jen Cain (Laura Bush), Tammie Smalls (Dr. Page), Kipleigh Brown (Nurse Ivy), Tommy Bechtold (Dick Cheney), Josh Rachford (Shirtless Explorer), Bennie Arthur (Supergirl) and Markeia McCarty (Storm)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer