Congressman Vance McAllister Is Caught Kissing An Aide!

KISSING CONGRESSMAN by Erich Eilenberger

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Vance McAllister) and Colin Contreary (Stevie Kenickie)

Directed by Michael Hughes

A Wrestlers Anonymous Group Tries To Cope with the Undertaker Losing at Wrestlemania XXX!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Gillian), Colin Contreary (Steve), Jen Cain (Darlene) and Jimmy Guidish (Jim)

Directed by Michael Hughes

The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, April 13, 2014!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Anchor), Matthew Harris (Anchor), Tammie Smalls (Pepper Jenkins), Dax Herrera (Jonathan Fleming), Colin Contreary (Samwise Gamgee), Jen Cain (Taylor Swift) and Jimmy Guidish (Postal Clerk)

Directed by Michael Hughes

The Top Story! Weekly Report for the Week Ending April 13, 2014!

Oscar Pistorius testified that when he shot his girlfriend, he was “simply trying to protect” her. Specifically protecting her from dying of old age.

President Obama reportedly turned down Kim Kardashian’s offer to help out in his 2012 re-election campaign. It was the first time Kim Kardashian ever heard the word “no” from a black guy.

On Monday, smoke from the New Jersey forest fire wafted into New York City. New Yorkers didn’t mind, since the smoke smelled a lot better than the usual New Jersey smell.

A Smartphone User Abandons Siri for Cortana!

SIRI V. CORTANA by Lenny Pierce

Starring Sean Cowhig (David), Stacy Rumaker (Siri), Ashleigh Hairston (Cortana) and Eileen Mary O’Connell (Clippy)

Directed by Michael Hughes

You Can’t Skip The Credits When You’re Watching A Marvel Movie!

IT’S A MARVEL by Derek Jeremiah Reid

Starring Mitchel Baldwin (Chip), Ashleigh Hairston (Kylie), Derek Reid (Chris Evans/Venom) and Sean Cowhig (Stan Lee)

Directed by Michael Hughes

An Improv Group Is Funded by the Koch Brothers!

THE KOCH-O-NUTS by Michael Hughes

Starring Eileen Mary O’Connell (Eileen), Blake Hogue (Blake), Colin Contreary (Colin), Stacy Rumaker (Stacy), Sean Cowhig (Sean) and Derek Reid (Audience Member)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Getting Into All Eight Ivy League Schools Makes Kwasi Enin A Little Cocky!

8 > HIGH SCHOOL by Greg Shouse

Starring Derek Reid (Kwasi Enin), Colin Contreary (Principal Butler), Mitchel Baldwin (Ronald Sanderson) and Ashleigh Hairston (Mrs. Quill)

Directed by Michael Hughes

Inspired by the Cast of “The Lion King” A Whole Flight to Sydney Is Filled with Songs from Broadway Musicals!

MUSICAL PLANES by Lauren Scharf

Starring Mitchel Baldwin (Todd), Eileen Mary O’Connell (Marie), Blake Hogue (Jean Valjean), Colin Contreary (Javert), Stacy Rumaker (Joanne), Derek Reid (Sebastian), Sean Cowhig (Pilot) and Ashleigh Hairston (Annie)

Directed by Michael Hughes

After the Latest Shooting, Fort Hood Bans Guns!

NO GUNS ON BASE by Robert Chan

Starring Sean Cowhig (General Crozier), Colin Contreary (Lieutenant General Milley) Derek Reid (Vasquez) and Blake Hogue (Simmons)

Directed by Michael Hughes