The CW’s “Flash” Has a Lot of Running!

THE FLASH by Bennie Arthur

Starring Bennie Arthur (Steve), Mitchel Baldwin (Randy), Troy Holden (Max), Ryan Pratton (Eric) and Phillip Wilburn (Announcer)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Rick Perry Wants To Ride The Ebola Crisis Into the White House!

TEXAS EBOLA by Mike Gillett

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Rick Perry), Mitchel Baldwin (Ben), Jen Cain (Dr. Maxwell) and Ryan Pratton (Jimmy)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Are Health Care Cuts Turning Walmart Employees into Zombies?

TS!W 720: WALMART ZOMBIES by Donna Young

Starring Mitchel Baldwin (Don Young) and Phillip Wilburn (Phillip)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

To Make “Twin Peaks” Weird in 2016, David Lynch Has to Make It Normal!


Starring Phillip Wilburn (David Lynch), Troy Holden (Michael Ontkean) and Mitchel Baldwin (Kyle MacLachlan)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

The Team Looking for the Missing Malaysian Jet Resumes the Search!

JUST PLANE STUPID by Sean Brewster

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Michelle), Bennie Arthur (Joey), Troy Holden (Dan), Phillip Wilburn (Gary) and Mitchel Baldwin (Scott)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

While Screening for Ebola, TSA Agents Decide to Have Some Fun!

TSA EBOLA PLAY by Megan O’Neil

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Pam), Jen Cain (Mary), Bennie Arthur (Harry), Ryan Pratton (Traveler), Mitchel Baldwin (Traveler) and Troy Holden (Traveler)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

A Woman Who Chose Her Death Date Finds Out She’s Not Going to Die!

I WISH I WERE DEAD by Andrew Payne

Starring Jen Cain (Sarah), Ryan Pratton (Brett), Phillip Wilburn (Dr. Miller), Kipleigh Brown (Jeannie) and Bennie Arthur (Officer Smith)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

Is Taylor Swift Modeling More on Mia Farrow Than Just a People Magazine Cover?

TAYLOR AND MIA by Andrew Payne

Starring Kipleigh Brown (Mia Farrow), Jen Cain (Taylor Swift) and Ryan Pratton (John Mayer)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer

A Tribute to the End of The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Season - In Poetry!

DODGERS AT THE BAT by Calder Holbrook and Jonathan Grant

Starring Phillip Wilburn (Narrator)

Directed by Jonathan Grant

The Top Story! Weekly Report for Sunday, October 12, 2014!


Starring Kipleigh Brown (Anchor), Jen Cain (Anchor), Bennie Arthur (Drunk History’s Bennie Arthur), Ryan Pratton (Sean Parker) and Troy Holden (Vaginal Orgasm Researcher)

Directed by Kristina Adelmeyer